Jim Henson’s Enchanted Sisters is a series of fantastical comedy-adventure stories featuring the Sparkles: Spring, Winter, Summer and Autumn, four sisters who come together every three months to join their Mother Nature in a ceremony that changes the seasons in our world. Their world is magically different than our own, yet the Sparkles are completely relatable. They are confidently themselves, even when that’s the hardest thing to be.

Continuing a longstanding Jim Henson Company tradition, the messages in these stories about strong girls making bold choices are clear: embrace and celebrate our differences; anyone can be a hero; and families can come in lots of different packages.


Level headed and focused, intelligent and wise, Autumn is an “old soul.” She rarely spends time in the present, looking wistfully at the past or preparing for the future. She’s the Sparkle who thinks about preparing for a rainy day. She feels things deeply, but isn’t always quick to share those feelings. Autumn’s idea of a perfect day is picnicking by a creek and skipping stones. In fact, she saved a very special stone from years ago as a good luck charm that reminds her of her sisters.

Autumn’s best friend is Whisper, a lean and graceful elephant with spots that resemble fall’s early leaves. Whisper provides a yin to Autumn’s yang, oftentimes too caught up in the moment to notice impending peril. 


Winter embodies the on-the-edge excitement of her season. Tranquil ponds become sheets of ice to race across; gentle hills become wild ski slopes; and instead of dew, leaves sport sharp stalactites. Winter eats up every bit of it. She’d never walk if she could run; would never run if she could slip and slide; and would never slip and slide if she could leap headlong and into a triple tumble with a twist.

Winter’s best friend is Flurry, a massive polar bear with a heart as soft as his snowflake-marked pot belly. Flurry is a true friend who loves Winter more than anything, even more than naps and candy canes... although it’s a pretty close call. 


Spring is very creative, optimistic, and also a bit naïve – clearly the baby of the group. She’s filled with energy and a goofy sense of humor, and is curious about everything. She often darts into flights of fancy that actually make perfect sense once she gets a chance to explain. Spring is inexorably drawn to animals and knows their languages. She’ll scamper on all fours if it will help her communicate with a baby mouse.

Spring’s best friend is Dewdrop, a magical unicorn with a mane braided with fresh bouquets. He has the ability to glide on a breeze. Dewdrop embodies pure happiness, always rejoicing in the beauty around us. Though Dewdrop is huge, he thinks he’s small. He loves to try to curl up on the girls’ laps, and often tries to follow them into spots far too small for him. 


Summer is the toughest and most passionate of the four Sparkles. She is fearless and positive that there’s no such thing as “can’t.” She’s the one most likely to literally go out on a limb. She is extremely protective of her sisters and uses her physical prowess and athleticism to get them out of (and sometimes into) sticky situations. Summer seems impervious to fear, but she does have a few secret weaknesses. Her mind and body are always racing and she simply can’t sit still for more than a moment.

Summer’s best friend is a Brazilian jaguar named Shade. Shade provides the perfect gentle compliment to Summer’s ferociousness. She is the most sensitive of all the animal companions. 

Mother Nature

Literally the Sparkles’ mother, Mother Nature (a.k.a. “Mom”) has the earth at her command. Mom is part mediator, part mentor; part gentle mother figure, part loving friend. She likes to let the sisters handle things and work them out on their own, but she’s always watching and will step in when it’s necessary. Mother Nature’s top confidant is Serenity, a blue dove. Serenity is true to her name and as wise as she is calm. Serenity regularly acts as Mother Nature’s eyes and ears, and is often seen soaring high above the Sparkles’ adventures. 

Bluster Tempest

Mother Nature relishes the joy in nature’s order. Bluster Tempest, on the other hand, craves the chaos of nature. “Fun,” for him, is in the extremes: erupting volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes. He lives high above the realm in a storm cloud shaped like a pirate ship, where he plots ways to enliven the world with his breed of tumultuous excitement.

Though Bluster and Mother Nature are constantly at odds, they are also close friends. The two have the ultimate respect for one another and quite enjoy each other’s company. In fact, they have a standing appointment every morning for a spot of tea. It’s all very civilized, but when they go their separate ways, it’s business as usual. Bluster out to wreak havoc, Mother Nature out to stop him and retain nature’s delicate balance. 

The Weeds

Sleet, Thunderbolt, Twister, and Quake: These are The Weeds, Boys with a capital “B” – raucous, rowdy, and rough. They live with Bluster Tempest and do his bidding. Like Bluster, the Weeds aren’t bad – they’re just bored by everyday life and want to shake things up for a bit of laughs! They’re basically good-natured, smart guys...but they just can’t help but wonder what would happen “if...”

The Weeds’ names – Sleet, Thunderbolt, Twister, and Quake – showcase their manic energy and nascent powers. The Weeds’ control over these powers is scattered at best, since (unlike the Sparkles) they don’t have headbands or sceptors to help them channel the powers properly. Still, the Weeds’ antics are never malicious, only mischievous, and the dynamic between the Weeds and the Enchanted Sisters is more like squabbling siblings than arch-enemies.